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Nov. 1st, 2009


Happy halloweeeeen~

I'm late oh well. Happy No shave november then. Hawww.

So, since the fall season of anime started, I've started watching A Certain Scientific Railgun. As I was watching, I got tired of having to wait a week (and it's only been five weeks) so I tried to do some research. Well, the wiki page that came up for it was A Certain Magical Index (or something like that), and there wasn't actually a page for Railgun. Turns out, the one I'm watching is a spin off of magical Index.

Facepalm, facepalm.

Anyway, I started watching Index, and it's alright. I like Railgun better, though. Probably because I started it first and am more.. used to it? Plus it has female lead characters instead of the male lead.

I wonder if I would have watched them if it were the other way around, though. I mean, Magical Index, as I've been watching it... The guy isn't very cute. He's kind of interesting, and can be sometimes, but is kind of eh. It has at least one type of character I dislike (the guy with long, red hair, who smokes, and reminds me a lot of Gokudera/whateverhisrebornnameis. I could swear his hair was red when I was reading it but it turned out to be silver, wtf?). Those types of guys piss me off.

And. I don't like how Magical Index has gone from having espers, to having magicians who have something to do with religion, to having vampires, and god knows what else is around the corner. I kind of want to draw the line at vampires, but it's only a 24 episode anime. I can last. Still, really? Shows that have to do with supernatural stuff don't have to include every type of supernatural thing.

Railgun is really good, though. The characters are cute, and it's interesting to see what I guess is yuri for a change. And the story hasn't gotten to the point where Index even starts, so I don't even have to deal with the magicians yet! Hooray! Railgun for the win.

Oct. 23rd, 2009


4th wall idea

One character realizes that they're in a manga.

They think, "Gosh, I've realized everything that's been going to happen."

Maybe, "This goes beyond normal deja vu."

And they realize that the reason why everything is happening like it would in a comic is because it is a comic.
Maybe, because this stuff is happening it HAS to be a comic.

Nobody else realizes this, though, and she wont say.

Can't remember actual scenario. Still, something about her realization, or a situation that makes it come up again.

Also. If online. Something rotten happens to them, and they ask, "God, why should this happen to me?" Then she realizes she can break the fourth wall and ask people to email. This would be especially good if she starts turning into a negative or disliked character.


Writer's Block: So funny I forgot to laugh, bench idea

If a friend cracks a corny joke, do you force yourself to laugh politely? What about if it's your boss or teacher? Do you get annoyed if someone else pretends to be amused?

Usually, if I hear a corny joke, it's either so ridiculous that it is funny, or I'm just not obligated to laugh. If it's about my teacher, of course I'm going to laugh. Generally they're true. Although I don't think it's usually jokes we tell, it's just random bitching that we get so worked up over we laugh. God I love that.


I indirectly, but at the same time rather directly, broke a piano bench today. At the start of the day, we all realized that there was a new piano in one of the studios at dance. I guess, from what people have said, and I have no way to tell if it's true, someone donated it. Like we even need a piano, nobody plays them for us.

Anyway. We were doing choreography, and we were told to do a collaborative group piece where one of the four of us had to be off the floor at all times. I had the bright idea to use stools and benches, as by being on them you're not on the ground, and the directions didn't say we needed to be in the air, or anything like that. Ah, loop holes.

So. It's going pretty well for like, fourty five minutes. We've made pretty much everything of the little crap we made, and it'd come to the ending. We wanted it to be so that all four of us would either be on the barres, stool, or one of the two benches we had. So, in order to get one of my friends, Emilee, onto the stool, I was gonna have her get on my back and lower her down onto it. Now, Emilee is a bit bigger than the other girls, but I could still get her on my back, as much as she was worried I couldn't. The problem was getting her onto the bench.

And, the first time, it actually worked! I got her right on and it was perfect, so I was like yes! Then we work a few things out, and try to run it again. Well, we get to the end, and everything's fine, buuut I accidentally tripped a little bit, hit the stool, and kind of dropped Emilee onto it. Well, the stool totally collapsed. Luckily, we were totally alone in the studio, and we all burst out laughing.

After making sure Emilee was okay (which I still want to make sure tomorrow..) we attempted to put the stool back together. Now, screws had shifted out of their spots, the legs were all apart from each other, and I now knew that the seat had two things holding it together. There were even some random paper bags inside it, and some random wooden squares had flown out places. So we get it together, and put it together actually pretty well, except for the fact that it's only holding together because everything is pushing against each other, and there are the little squares that we had no idea what to do with. So we set it away from the piano, like someone had sat on it. I kept telling them to put it UNDER the piano, buuut...

Well. Then. We had rehearsal in that room later. Basically, I was freaking out with my other friend Sarah, because I figured my teacher would try to sit on it and hurt herself because it would collapse. We were even gonna try and move it under the piano so she would have to pull it out, but if we budged it at all it would have gone under, and we had like two minutes before she would come back.

Then I realized, instead of sitting on it, she'd probably push it in and break it herself! Which was also not acceptable because she'd probably get pissed. So my friend set it up so that the other bench in the room was the more obvious one to sit on while watching rehearsal, and at the very most the teacher would push in the other one.

So, rehearsal finally starts, and me and my friend are still giddily nervous. We get some little corrections before we actually start going, and the teacher leaves and comes back, and etc etc... And then, right before she was going to start the music, she pushes the bench in. And it just collapses when she touches it, like we all knew it would.

But, luckily, she was actually pretty fine with it. She was just like, "What an odd bench! Luckily nobody was hurt..." We all kind of laughed because it went over really smoothly, but luckily it will probably just end there.

I realize that it's not a good thing that we broke the bench. But, as I realized, the husband of our main teacher is like, a fix it  man, in a sense. While he has no actual job of his own, he makes things for the company's sets, he makes props, that sort of thing. So he can fix a stupid bench no sweat, I assume. That is, if he's not too lazy about it.

And, if it had come down to it, I would have just forked over some of my money if they were like "ADFGAJKDGLAJ BUY A BENCH" Luckily I have that 70 dollars, so I could do it without even my parents getting pissed about using their money. Although I don't know for sure how much piano benches go for.

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